Some of the most common concerns parents, teachers and doctors have are disturbances manifested as:

  1. anxiety

  2. behavioural difficulties (aggression, defiance, delinquent behaviour)

  3. depression

  4. eating disorders

  5. learning difficulties

  6. somatic complaints (headaches or stomach aches not caused by illness)

  7. relational difficulties and bullying

  8. communication difficulties

I also work with children, adolescents experiencing difficulties relating to:

  1. attachment

  2. adoption

  3. bereavement

  4. divorce and custody issues

  5. physical and sexual abuse

  6. gender identity

  7. self-esteem

I have worked extensively with children who suffer anxiety, depression, medical illness / hospitalization, complicated grieving, and the pervasive emotional and behavioural problems that result from a lack of self regulation. In addition, I have carefully considered childhood through my work with adults who suffer mental health problems related to trauma, conflict, and unresolved grief in their early years. 

This has led to a current specialization in child and adolescent therapy. It has often happened that my adult clients expressed a wish that they would have had, as a child, a professional to help them navigate grief, conflict, and trauma. I do see it as a privilege and a priority to do work with a young person who is struggling in the midst of their formative development. At the same time, it is more complicated: a therapist must have a working model of development to know where to intervene. I have ongoing studies and supervision with master therapists towards this specialization. I use my observations of a child’s interactions with family, with myself, and his or her art and play to get a detailed picture of what isgoing on inside them. Collaboratively with parents, I create experiences that will support healing and growth towards optimal maturity. In my work, I have seen dramatic resolution of children’s problem behaviour, relationships, and self-esteem.I must say that art therapy has proved to be a boundless modality for accessing the past, the depths so that meaning, and resolution can be found. I am still committed to offering this service. It is also central to my approach to working with children and adolescents, but I have decided to distinguish Child and Adolescent Therapy so to signify the developmental framework I keep central to my work with young people. One last word on what informs my work: there is evidence that child depression and anxiety are predictive of these illnesses in adulthood. So while therapy for young people is a big investment on behalf of the whole family, the goal is to change a whole life with psychotherapy.