Colour palette as mirror: How does the field of art therapy see colour?

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Burlington Art Centre

Seminar: Tuesday, April 29th, 7:30-9pm. FREE!
Adult Workshop: Saturday, May 3rd. 10-4 pm. Fee $55 per person

Art therapy has been practiced for many generations in the UK, US and Canada, and has served many different people of all ages as they heal and grow through diverse illness, loss, transitions, trauma.

This introductory seminar will take a look at art therapy as by exploring colour through some of the theory and technique that informs the field.

You are invited and encouraged to send Sarah snapshots of the swatches of colour of your world. Please do! Contact info.

Building on these colour palettes, this seminar will be an interactive discussion that unlocks personal meaning by looking at colour symbolically. You will leave with some new personal insight on how colour reveals an aspect of your self, your needs, and your ways of seeing.

The workshop will be an experiential, hands-on, exploration of our relationship with colour. You will leave with artwork, insight, and simple techniques from art therapy that you can use on your own. There is no need for training or talent in the arts to benefit from art therapy. This series is a special introduction by the Burlington Art Centre to art therapy and techniques that can benefit us all.