Here is some of the feedback from Burlington, Zoom Within held at Tansley Woods Community Centre, Fall, 2013:

I would do these 6 weeks again and again, I would do anything that Sarah offered because it had such a positive effect on me.
I reconnected with the artistic and creative abilities that used to be part of my life when I was young, and I realized these are critical to feeling satisfied and happy.
Sarah’s gentle understanding and professional manner with the group brought about individual growth .She gave permission for us to be ourselves and grow. Sarah brings an intelligence to artistic experience.
I was heard and supported by an amazing group of people that made me feel confident and comfortable. I had the opportunity to listen to the issues faced by each person in the group, and that helped me with my own.
It has given me more clarity and therefore I feel like it has been “speeding up” my journey to become more emotionally aware. It has also been a good reminder that I need to take care of myself and my needs to be able to give to others and take care of others.
A lot has changed in 6 weeks and the workshops are definitely a part of it. I have been connecting to abandoned parts of me and encouraged to allow myself to feel and explore depths of me I was never able to before.